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I just love it, every single aspect and period, every facet and fact, every person no matter how big or small, every event no matter how relevant or inconsequential. All of it.

I have always been fascinated by history, at the age of four my grandad showed me how to "take out a Japanese pill-box" with the aid of my plastic toy soldiers, I was hooked, I must have seen every war film going, even some very dodgy Russian and Chinese films. Of course things you see on tv are not always genuine, Braveheart being a good example, so to get to the truth of historial events and stories it is always best to look at the source of the story, which most of the time turn out to be myths.

Myths, it seems, are easier to remember and certainly easy to create. But by looking at the events in historical stories from people who wrote about it at the time the events took place is the only way to get to the truth of the matter. That is what I enjoy doing, now in the articles I have written on this site you will see me write words such as "supposedly" or "it is said", this means the source is sceptical in its honesty, it may be correct information, it may not. I have included many myths in my peices of work because they are good reading, but they should not be taken as gospel, if you ever want the truth of any historical story then you need to assess the data yourself, self research is not hard and if you need help I am more than willing to do so.

I help out a lot of paranormal groups and companies all over the UK and even int he US too, though my main work is actually with other periods and aspects of history. I of course have a degree in History, hard fought from the Open University (those buggers don't give anything away) and part of my degree was a Diploma in Local History from Oxford University. I also help out a few locations with their own historical research, Coalhouse Fort in Essex (for example) is using a peice I wrote for their educational services.


If you need to contact me then my EMail address is [email protected] most of my work I do for free in my spare time, however if you need me to do larger jobs then there may be a cost involved.


Thank you for your time.


CJ Linton.

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